Derek Gray

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This is a tattoo gallery of my tattoo work. I wanted to show you the type of skill and variation in style that I have to offer. I have the skills to tattoo on any skin tone, textured, or body type. If you have any questions please email me or message me on social media. 

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Derek Gray

Owner | Tattoo Artist | Air Force Veteran

I have always loved tattooing and being around the tattoo community. Listening to artists’ challenges with their shops and employers inspired me to take action. I wanted to create a shop where artists didn’t have to stress daily about the interactions with the shop owner as most artists do. Instead, they should be excited to come to the shop and focus on their art. In general, artists work better and let their ideas flow when they don’t have a shop owner constantly hovering over them. As a result, their work is of high quality, which in turn creates happy customers. It was important to me to create a shop that didn’t feel like a place to work. Instead, I wanted to create a place where artists could relax, create ideas, and showcase the amazing work that tattoo artists are capable of. When the artist is happy, the customer is happy, and when both the artists and customers are happy, my work is complete.

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