About Us

Direach Tattoo

Direach Tattoo Gallery

Direach is all about the customer service we provide to everyone who comes into our studio. We put a lot of focus and energy into creating an environment that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Our Company's Mission

Our mission is to create an environment that is equally welcoming for people of all body sizes and ethnicities, where the focus is not on getting tattoos but feeling good. We offer safe, quality tattooing with a focus on customer service. We are revolutionizing the tattoo industry and what it means to people. As tattoos become more socially acceptable there are more people getting tattoos now than ever before. We’ve created a space for everyone young or old and in between to come in and get a tattoo without being intimidated by all the pressures other stereotypical studio create.

Our Come Up

Like every company or business, we began as an idea that was brought to life through hard work, sacrifice, and taking risks. As a result of sharing experiences with others, we realized that Wilmington’s tattoo industry can be intimidating. Many experiences felt like a burden to the artist and we’re unwelcomed. Those feelings only add to the anxiety you may already have about getting a tattoo and it makes the whole process feel like a very negative experience. So I decided that Direach would be the opposite, and since I am passionate about tattoos, I knew I could do it. To begin with, I knew I needed a catchy and meaningful name, which is where Direach came from. Direach comes from the saying “loidhnichean dìreach” which translates from Gaelic to ‘straight lines’. Due to being 100% Irish myself, I knew that relating my business to my heritage and history would make it more meaningful, so I decided to include the shamrock as well. We stuck to our style and how we wanted to be perceived from that point on. Our goal was to create a relaxing and fancy environment where you can get tattoos peacefully and we accomplished that.

Meet The Founder

I have always loved tattooing and being around the tattoo community. I initially became inspired to take action after listening to artists’ challenges in their studios and with their employers. I wanted to create a shop where artists didn’t have to stress daily about the interactions with the shop owner as most artists do. Instead, they should be excited to come to the shop and focus on their art. In general, artists work better and let their ideas flow when they don’t have a shop owner constantly hovering over them. As a result, their work is of high quality, which in turn creates happy customers. It was important to me to create a shop that didn’t feel like a place to work. Instead, I wanted to create a place where artists could relax, create ideas, and showcase the amazing work that tattoo artists are capable of. When the artist is happy, the customer is happy, and when both the artists and customers are happy, my work is complete.