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Danny Deco

Tattoo Artist

I am US Navy veteran and an artist by passion and profession!  Even when you go to the doctors office you can tell the difference in someone that is there for the passion versus the paycheck. In a nutshell that is me! I was raised by talented artists and have been blessed to be surrounded by people who have helped me constantly step up in my craft my entire life. I have an art degree and majored in “fantasy art and illustration” and “advertisement design.” I pride myself on original artwork and love the process of the consultations with my clients and asking a series of questions that allows me to place their imagination and my creativity into the perfect piece.

I consider myself to be the mad scientist of the art world! If I see a style or media that amazes me I fixate on it until I feel I’ve perfected it. This world is my muse and there is potential for creative mindset and artwork in everything you see! I take pride in building the artist to client relationships and networking with other artists. 

Rest assured that you will be treated as a regular even on your first appointment. I look forward to working with you on your next tattoo therapy session!

Derek Gray

Founder & Tattoo Artists
Founder & Tattoo Artists

I have always loved tattooing and being around the tattoo community. Listening to artists’ challenges with their shops and employers inspired me to take action. I wanted to create a shop where artists didn’t have to stress daily about the interactions with the shop owner as most artists do. Instead, they should be excited to come to the shop and focus on their art. In general, artists work better and let their ideas flow when they don’t have a shop owner constantly hovering over them. As a result, their work is of high quality, which in turn creates happy customers. It was important to me to create a shop that didn’t feel like a place to work. Instead, I wanted to create a place where artists could relax, create ideas, and showcase the amazing work that tattoo artists are capable of. When the artist is happy, the customer is happy, and when both the artists and customers are happy, my work is complete.

Melissa Butler Tattoo Portfolio

Melissa Butler

Tattoo Artists
Tattoo Artists

My name is Melissa Butler, but people also call me Wednesday. I’m a left-handed artist. My grandfather, who was an artist, inspired me to explore my artistic talents as much as possible. From a young age, I found that I had a passion for art, and I would spend countless hours drawing, painting, and creating different pieces of artwork. My love for color pieces has only grown stronger over the years, and I find great joy in experimenting with different styles ranging from American traditional to Japanese traditional, floral to cartoon, black and gray to full color, and everything in between. Some of my favorite pieces that I’ve created include the traditional butterfly and hummingbirds, which you can see on my portfolio under the “Artist Favorites” category. I’m excited to create art with you and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy creating it!